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Crystal Shop and Holistic Healing Centre.

Shamanic Healing sessions with Jo Lunn. Shamanic practice is a means by which the practitioner journeys to meet with their spirits and allies to bring back information so that their client may receive healing. The classic healing methods are soul retrieval, finding and bringing a power animal and extraction work (removing energy that does not belong to the client).


Jo is also trained in psycho pomp and divination. Divination involves the practitioner seeking answers for clients using divination tools.


Jo is currently doing the three year shamanic practitioner course with the Sacred Trust.


As Jo is offering Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Harner Counselling or Shamanic Divination as part of her training, Jo is not charging for these sessions except by way of donation to cover her expenses.


If you have any queries or wish to book a session with Jo please ring Jo direct on 0161 9039840 or  (mobile) 07794819040.