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Kalyami Ma Mukti.


Kalyani has established herself in dedicated premises in Menston (The Body Sanctuary) where she runs her “Divine Tantra” practice with deep integrity. Her gift is to help women and men release what stands in the way of more aliveneness, and embrace their sexual energy as a gateway into the sacred and their own realisation as divine beings. She weaves a heartfelt offering of love, compassion and presence that opens the way to alchemical transformation and blissful states of being. She has 2 websites, which in order of listing preference










Kalyani is available at the Body Sanctuary Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 4pm, other days and times by previous arrangement.







Visit www.dakinikalyani.co.uk for more details and session prices. Alternatively you can contact her on kalyani.ma.mukti@gmail.com, 07952036326


Kalyani practices the following:

Totality Therapy addresses the core issues that your soul is calling you to face. This is a deep healing multi-disciplinary modality at the cutting edge of human consciousness. For more details visit Kalyani's website.


Itothermie is a Japanese healing method where the incandescent glow of burning incense will warm you from deep within, bringing a deep feeling of peace, just like after a long massage. The activated circulation in your cells does naturally enhance your body self healing, while the incense smoke cleanses a layer of your aura.


Intimacy Coaching and Sacred Sexuality teachings: available for couples and for individuals who want to resolve issues and/or take their relationships to the next step in terms of depth of connection and opening to the grace of love.