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Some people prefer to divine using a number of gemstones. Ideally, the stones should be smooth and similar in size and shape. They may range from pebbles found on a beach to semiprecious stones. This form of divination is known as lithomancy. The divination is accomplished by casting the stones and interpreting the pattern in which they fall. You may either interpret the way the stones relate to each other, or where they fell in relation to a pre-drawn chart, such as a North-South-East-West chart or a chart showing the 12 astrological houses.


In the British Isles, thirteen stones are used. Seven stones represent astrological signs: the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. The remaining six stones represent the home, love, life, magic, luck and news.


Another method is to draw out a handful of stones from a bag and cast them on the ground or Gemstones onto a chart and interpret where they lie. In a spread, rose quartz would indicate love issues, amethyst spiritual issues, and red jasper (or red agate) issues involving your health.