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Munay-Ki is offered in groups and individually.


The nine rites of the Munay-Ki are based on initiatory practices of the Inka and pre-Inka shamans of the Andes and the Amazon .


Due to the power of the rites I believe it is preferable to receive the rites over a period of time in order to allow for integration.


To help more people afford to receive the rites for their own healing and development, I offer the first eight rites across two or ceremonies.  


A final ceremony (and workshop) is then offered to those it is agreed should contnue on this path as a mentor, after the first eight rites are gifted, to receive the ninth rite and to learn to gift the rites to others. In this way the mentoring cost is staged over time. (see below). This is because not everyone may initially want to go on to share the rites and be a mentor to others.


The rites are always given for free and an energetic exchange/donation is requested at each ceremony, in accordance with the Andean tradition of Ayni (reciprocation) ~ for my time offered as a mentor to prepare and conduct the ceremonies and venue /materials costs. As a guide I usually ask for £20 per person per ceremony. The full cost inc mentor training and all materials is £150 so those who go on to train as a mentor would pay the balance of £110 on the final cermony and workshop.


At each ceremony you will receive information on each of the rites to be received explaining what the rites mean and how to develop them within you to their fullest potential. You will also receive  an audio  CD of the meditations that assist the process. The initial ceremonies run over  two or three afternoons.


The final ceremony/mentors workshop is a full day weekend workshop..


At the final ceremony you will be given the ninth rite and the following materials:


~ a mentors Pi Stone


~ A lineage certificate


~ a  training DVD for gifting the rites


~ all the materials you need to work as a mentor including blank certificate/lineage templates for your future use.


~ a certificate of qualification as a Munay-Ki Mentor


This workshop is also open to anyone who has already received the first 8 rites from a different lineage but would like training in how  to gift the rites or simply to refresh their practice.


An ongoing  free Munay -Ki initiates support group runs online via facebook.




Note all nine rites must be received, unpacked and germinated before a person can pass the  rites onto others.


​Free introductory sessions are run from time to time at Crystal Space however if you have not attended one of these prior to receiving your rites, it is recommended that you watch the Videos on the website. Link below.


Further recommended reading - By Alberto Villoldo, 'The four insights' and  'Shamen , Healer,  Sage' and  'Mending the past and healing the future with soul retrieval'.


​Please contact Ally via tel or email as per contact details on this website.


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