Crystal Space

07546 109072



Crystal Shop and Holistic Healing Centre.


We meet on 5th Thursdays when they occur (as advertised on the facebook group).

We have talks and groups linked to topics related healing such as reiki shares, chakra balancing, crystal healing, shamanic healing and many other healing modalities.


All welcome to join ‘Our Space’ to attend our evenings . See Ally at the shop or call 07546 109072 or join in online. See link below.


The Our Space events are a suggested donation of £3 (to cover cost of refreshments and heating etc). £5 if an external speaker is attending.


Our Space, formed by a group of like-minded people who want to share the rich experience of spiritual development and healing with others.

Silsden Druid Seed Group.


A genuine community of like minded people exploring the druidic path of earth based spirituality. The group is a secret group on facebook but open to all to join.  To join this group join the Yorkshire and Lancashire Druid Cricle on facebook and message your request to join  the Seed Group from there.





Individual Sessions at Crystal Space (see info under people section).


No Hands Massage/Holistic facial therapy/Swedish Massge  with Amanda Fellows.


Healing Treatments with Janet Brennand (also Neals Yard)


Hynotherapy including 'past life regression' with Clinical Hynotherapists  Paula Malone.


Angelic Reiki with Paula Malone.


Reiki with Paula Malone and Lyn Hill


Tarot Reading with Paula Malone.


Aromatherapy and Massage with Paula Malone and Lyn Hill.


Munay-Ki with Ally and Paula.


Shamamic Healing with Lyn Hill


Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Harner counselling and Shamanic Divination with Jo lunn.


Crystal Healing and Reflexology with Angela Paxman or Lyn Hill.




Druid Circle Our Space NHAP Aire and Worth Valley Pagan Moot



Yoga - Third  Thursdays.


Chrissie is a local Yoga teacher and chakra dance facilitator.


Every Third thursday 7 - 9  £10 - Chakra Yoga and Meditation


Folow this link to find Chrissie on facebook






or Please contact Chrissie on  to book your place.






Shamanic Dance: with Nel Wenek.

1st Wednesdays - on hold til the spring.


Shamanic Dance is an  active form of meditation. It is a deep journey connecting us with our inner source.  In this dance, energy guides our body and movement..

We dance with our eyes blindfolded.  This allows everyone to be with the energy without any distraction and to be able to completely let go of ourselves.  When our eyes are blindfolded everyone has the space to naturally express themselves through movement  and sound.

During the Dance we use live instruments.

I lead the dance and channel information which is passed  to  those dancing.

This is a very powerful and healing journey through different rhythms of music. We start and finish the  dance in a  sharing circle. This dance is for both  women and men.

Full session -Two hours.  cost £7.

Wise hearts yoga

Our Space - 2nd and 4th Thursdays is Psychic Development including tarot and other forms of divination and magickal working.  This established group welcomes newcomers and people of all abilities and interests. £5 per session. Please use the link to the right of this page to find out more details and join the events via facebook.


2nd Thursday Tarot Group

A group for all levels from beginners to experienced as there is always something new to learn! Primarily focusing on the Tarot to start with but as it progresses then moving on to other forms of cartomancy such as Oracle and Lenormand cards. My approach is less about 'learning' and more about 'experiencing' the tarot although we will touch on the meanings of the cards and the suits for those with zero experience. The group will also be about how to use Tarot as a tool for self development and there will be group work as well as paired work so that people can start giving readings themselves - you will be amazed how quickly that will happen!  


4th Thursday Psychic Development - It is a group for people who are interested in developing their psychic skills - we use meditation to start to raise the energies then a range of exercises to help develop intuition and other psychic abilities. It is not a mediumship group although you often find that many people with psychic abilities have got mediumship abilities - it's more about using your own intuition and other tools to help you pick up information about the person you are working with.


1st Thursday's ~ Keighley Red Tent.  Starts March 2nd - 2017.


We are excited to bring the first of our Red Tent gatherings. For our first time together we would like everyone to bring their thoughts and ideas. What would you like from your Red Tent. What would make your heart sing and nourish your soul? What does Sacred Feminine mean to you?


Our first gathering will just be a gentle introduction, some of you may never have heard or have been to a Red Tent. What do you want from this sacred time. This time is for us all, for us to input as much or as little as we wish.


At our first gathering we will do a short drum journey to reconnect with our bodies, to reconnect our womb with the moon. We will find out how connected we are with the lunar cycles and the seaonsal cycles of nature.


Red Tents are a safe space to share your dreams and sadness.


Hot drinks will be provided, please bring a small bit of food for sharing. If you have them please also bring a cushion and blanket for sitting, we will have some spare.


We are asking everyone for a small donation of £5 towards cost of the room and to put in our pot for materials for future sessions.


We look forward to our coming together and sitting in circle, we are not time bound, so if we wish to stay longer we can.


For details of this event and future Red Tent  events please go to facebook Our Space by following the link here.








Also see the Closed facebook Red Tent group here.





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