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Crystal Shop and Holistic Healing Centre.

Chakra Yoga


Crystal Space in Silsden and will run on the third thursday of every month.

Please arrive just before 7pm - the Door will be open at 6.30pm. (Ally will be there to accept any payments for shopping up til 7pm).

I would like to welcome back those that have attended previously and new people too - the class will be suitable for all bodies and for complete beginners, from teenagers and upwards!

I am a Dru Yoga and Chakradance Teacher so our evenings will be Dru Yoga based with a compassionate , gently held focus on postures, pranayama, Koshas or layers of being, Energy Block Release Sequences, affirmations and visualisations for each Chakra inspired by Chakradance. We will journey through the chakra system together focusing on a different Chakra each month, beginning at the Base chakra ,Mooladhara, to establish our roots in the earth , providing a strong foundation from which to grow and then working our way up through the rainbow of the 7 main Chakras.

We will finish with a deeply nourishing relaxation and sound bath 8.30 - 9pm with a special guided meditation for honouring and flowing with life's seasons and for balancing the energies of the body and the mind with the wisdom and compassion of the heart.


Dru Yoga is a unique powerful synthesis of ancient methods often called a yoga of the heart because of its emphasis on activating heart power through stimulating the nadis (energy pathways) around the heart centre. "Dru" translates from Sanskrit as "the still point" so Dru practice gently directs our awareness to a place of inner stillness and spaciousness called the Druvakasa. This helps us to retain inner tranquility and strength no matter what is happening in our lives.

Yoga has always been a path of liberation of the Self but it is also a path for bringing divine energy down into us to shine out through us and radiate out into the world. Chakra based yoga supports us even further on the journey of transformation to profound wholeness and integration , vibrant health and spiritual awakening.


In addition to expressing an interest in joining the event please kindly contact Chrissy each month by Facebook message or on 07423057790 to confirm and reserve your place. Numbers are limited to 10/12 due to space. £10 each class xx